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Probobly should have updated this site earlier, but as a few months ago ANTI ZOMBIE ARMY is officially dead.

I've stated in several places that the decision to end this comic was a combination of personal stuff as well as the lack of creative juices and drive to actually draw the damn comic.

As far as the personal issues go: this comic was originally concieved as an idealized auto-biography of my college life. As I went further through the story I realized two things.

1. The story was getting quite displaced from reality
2. I was an intolerable tool in college...and in some ways I still am

Bottom line, I realized there were things about myself I am far from proud of, and couldn't really see myself putting into comic form. And if I couldn't be truly honest about myself, what was the point?

It didn't help that all ideas kinda dried up, and I found myself with little to no free time to enjoy myself with.

At any rate. For those of you who stuck with me as long as you did. I think you sooooo much for your support. It was a helluva ride while it lasted.

I am still comicking, drawing, writing, the whole lot. And if you'd like to keep abreast of my latest exploits, my new blog is the best place to go.


Thanks again for your years of readership!



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